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Reasons To Choose Concrete Coatings For Your Home Remodel

Choosing concrete coatings

If you're looking for flooring ideas when it comes to your home remodel in Daytona, why not take a look at Floor Shield concrete coatings? While concrete coatings aren't new, they are quickly becoming the hot new flooring solution for interior home remodels all over the country. This floor coating isn't just for commercial use or garage flooring anymore-- they are and have always been a viable solution for flooring needs in residential homes.

Many people think that concrete flooring is simple and dull, but we're here to change that narrative. The designs created with our custom concrete coatings here at Floor Shield of Central Florida are pretty much unlimited. In fact, floors coated in Floor Shield products are often showcased in the most popular home remodeling magazines. It's no wonder that this concrete flooring solution is becoming a popular choice when it comes to residential remodeling. Keep reading to learn more about why homeowners all over Daytona are absolutely loving this option for their home remodels.


Perhaps the main reason that homeowners around the country are starting to take notice of concrete coatings for their remodels is how affordable the products are. The average total installation cost of a Floor Shield system is almost the same as the average price of a sheet linoleum installation. Installing concrete coatings can also cost around ten times less per square foot than real marble.

Designer Look

Between concrete coatings from Floor Shield of Central Florida and other floor coatings, our products are much more stunning. A true industry pro can make your concrete floors look like marble, granite, stone, terrazzo, and other real, perhaps more expensive-looking flooring materials.

If you do choose concrete coatings for your home, you'll want to hire an experienced Daytona concrete coatings contractor who possesses plenty of artistic skills in order to get realistic-looking floors. Many homeowners get stuck with sloppy work, results that don't last, or floor coatings that were obviously applied by an amateur.

Lasts Longer

When experienced professionals use high-quality products, your concrete coatings will last for several decades. Having an expert install your Floor Shield coatings is much different than using the lower-quality products that you find at your local home improvement store. Only high-performance, industrial-grade polyaspartic floor products should be used, rather than something that peels up or fades in a few years' time.

Floor Shield concrete coatings are sure to deliver years of highly durable flooring for the interior of any home. These products withstand impacts, abrasions, and heavy foot and vehicle traffic that are common in commercial and industrial settings, meaning it provides more than enough durability for home interiors.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

Pretty much anyone remodeling a home in Daytona chooses to install some type of hard floor rather than carpeting. Floor Shield concrete coatings are the easiest floor coating to care for, making them a great choice for homes of all kinds. All you have to do is dry mop the floors and even damp mop them from time to time. Spills won't stain the surface because the flooring is completely waterproof!

With all of the benefits that come with Floor Shield concrete coatings, it's no wonder our products are being noticed by homeowners in Daytona and across the country. If you'd like to get an estimate from industry pros with experience in custom concrete coating installations, call us today.