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Daytona Showroom Flooring That Is Easier To Care For Than Epoxy

Showroom flooring

When it comes to your business in Daytona, your showroom floor is almost as important as the products you're advertising. That's why choosing showroom flooring that offers style and functionality is vital. Floor Shield of Central Florida wants to be the company you can trust for high-quality, low-maintenance concrete coatings that provide your showroom with beauty, safety, and long service life. Our products will strengthen and protect your showroom floors while also safeguarding them from the damage that is often inevitable in a showroom environment.

When you have our concrete coatings applied to your showroom floors, they will offer your business a seamless, monolithic floor surface that is impervious to water and moisture intrusion. This system will last years longer than traditional epoxy coatings and will never fade! You can also save thousands of dollars every year in reduced maintenance and repair costs when you choose concrete coatings for Daytona from Floor Shield of Central Florida. Forget about waxing and polishing- our concrete coatings retain their natural shine with a simple sweep and mop every now and then.

Visually Appealing, Yet Durable Showroom Floor Option

There are many ways that concrete coatings from Floor Shield of Central Florida are superior to other floor coatings like epoxy. Epoxy coatings are slowly becoming obsolete as stronger, more durable showroom flooring options like the ones we offer are being developed. The innovative polyaspartic coatings we offer are three times stronger than epoxy and are resistant to damage of all kinds, including scratches, cracks, and stains from acid and grease. When you work with us for your showroom flooring, you won't have to spend money on replacing your old floors because our products adhere right on top of them! Your showroom floors will have a fresh new look and feel without high costs and invasive work. When you want to enjoy all of these benefits and much more with this epoxy flooring alternative, call on our concrete coatings experts in Daytona.

We Can Coat Any Floor In Daytona

Polyaspartic coatings from Floor Shield of Central Florida can be used to beautify and transform any commercial or residential floor surface, from warehouse floor coatings to dog room coatings and more. We are the Daytona area's top-rated provider of concrete coatings and we're excited to show you the beautiful results you'll get when you work with us! Your showroom flooring will have a brand new look that will complement your products perfectly when it's coated with our Floor Shield products.