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Locker Rooms Floor Coating Specialists To Improve Daytona Properties

Locker room flooring

When you want a locker room floor coating that will create a safe and healthy environment in your business in Daytona, it's smart to go with Floor Shield products from Floor Shield of Central Florida. Locker room floors can become grimy and dull fast, especially if they aren't cleaned effectively. Conventional flooring types like tile and cement are the perfect places for things like bacteria and germs to grow and multiply in a wet environment like a locker room. With polyaspartic concrete coatings, your locker room floors will be transformed into a safer, more sanitary space for sports teams and individuals alike to use. Floor Shield of Central Florida is proud to be the number one provider of commercial concrete coatings for Daytona.

Highly Customizable Products For An Attractive Locker Room

Locker room floors are often written off as dull and unexciting due to being exposed to all kinds of elements, from water and dirt to sweat and even spilled drinks. But our team wants you to know that your locker room floor coatings don't have to be boring or simple! We offer a myriad of colors, styles, and unique finishes for your concrete coatings that will bring both functionalities as well as beauty to your locker room space. Call us today to get durable locker room floor coatings that will serve you for years to come. Just a few more of the benefits concrete coatings will offer your locker room include:

  • No toxins, foul odors, or VOCs
  • Enhanced safety
  • Low-maintenance & easy to clean
  • Promotes a sanitary space

Locker Rooms Floor Coating Specialists To Improve Daytona Properties

When it comes to your locker room floors, our top priorities at Floor Shield of Central Florida are the health and safety of your patrons. Anyone who uses your locker room expects a clean space to get ready for their activities as well as somewhere to clean up and recoup after. Our Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings will make your locker room floors a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean. They also create a non-slip surface, which is vital for people who are showering or changing their shoes after a sport or workout. Our concrete coatings are three times stronger than epoxy floors which means you can rest assured knowing your floors can take whatever daily wear and tear is thrown its way. Whether you're using our products for your locker room or something else, like outdoor floor coatings, you'll get nothing but the best service and results from our Daytona team at Floor Shield of Central Florida.