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Daytona Gym Floor Coating With Less Downtime Than Epoxy Gym Floors

Gym flooring

Having a gym floor coating that provides safety, aesthetics, and health is essential when you own a gym in Daytona. Floor Shield of Central Florida is the team you can depend on to provide you with high-quality Floor Shield products that provide those qualities and more to gyms and workout spaces in our community. There's a lot going on in a gym at any given time- from heavy foot traffic and dropped dumbbells to dripping sweat and spilled water. You need a floor that can endure all of the intense activities that are going on in your gym, and our concrete coatings for Daytona are the answer. Not only will they last for years to come after application, but they also provide an easy-to-clean surface that is slip-resistant as well as pleasing to the eye, coming in a variety of colors and textures:

  • Clear
  • Solid
  • Flake
  • Quartz
  • And endless combinations

Whether your gym is large or small, Floor Shield of Central Florida can give you the best floor coatings for the space that you can imagine. Call our Daytona team today if you're ready to learn more about our concrete coatings or want to make your next appointment.

Faster Return To Service & Better Durability Than Epoxy Gym Floors

Having the right kind of gym floor coating is important not only for creating a comfortable and pleasant environment but also for a durable one. Many people walk into and out of your gym every day, which creates hours upon hours of foot traffic, not to mention the impact of weights. Our products will also give your gym floors a bright look that affects the entire space, making it look more open and appealing.

Epoxy coatings have their benefits, but when it comes to strength and longevity, our concrete coatings have epoxy beaten. There's not another gym floor coating out there that is as easy to clean, customizable, and moisture- and slip-resistant as our Floor Shield concrete coatings. And while our floor coatings are great for your gym, that's not all they're good for! Our Floor Shield coatings fit any commercial space as locker room floor coatings, garage flooring, coatings for food processing facilities, and more.

Trust The Daytona Concrete Coatings Pros

Don't try to DIY any floor coatings, especially ones for your gym. While it's easy to go out to a home improvement store and get a box kit, you'll be setting your floors up for failure by doing so. The only way to get a perfectly protected, sealed floor coating is to hire a professional company like Floor Shield of Central Florida. With years of experience performing installations in Daytona, you're sure to get only the best results when you work with us. All you have to do is give us a call to see what we can do with your gym floors!