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Daytona Food Processing Facility Floor Coating For A Safer, Cleaner Facility

Food processing flooring

Foor processing facility floor coatings in Daytona must be strong, easy to clean, and non-slip to create safe, sanitary spaces for your employees to work. Working with Floor Shield of Central Florida for your needs will ensure you get exactly what you need and more when it comes to your food processing facility. Floor Shield's concrete coatings are easily applied to your existing floors to provide your facility with a totally smooth, seamless surface that is easy to clean. Filthy grouts and moldy floor cracks will be a thing of the past with our concrete coatings! You'll be promoting a safe and healthy environment that is vital for meeting the codes and guidelines of your facility. Your floors will look beautiful and serve you perfectly for years to come when they're coated with our concrete coatings for Daytona.

Create A Safer Work Environment With Concrete Coatings

Perhaps the most amazing benefit of our concrete coatings is that they are totally waterproof and non-slip, making them the perfect flooring option for your food processing facility. Did you know that of the five million slip-and-fall injuries that occur in the workplace yearly, over half of them happen in manufacturing facilities just like yours? Making sure your employees are safe should be at the top of your priority list, and you can achieve that goal by working with Floor Shield of Central Florida for food processing facility floor coatings in Daytona.

More Hygenic Than Epoxy Floors

When you want to maintain a sanitary, functional workspace alongside happy, healthy employees, it's essential for your food processing facility floor coatings to be non-slip and easy to maintain. This ensures that you're giving everyone who enters your facility that safe, clean space to move and work. Floor Shield of Central Florida's concrete coatings will give you an affordable way to transform, protect, and beautify your facility's floors while also making sure it stays sanitary. Whether your business is an extensive assembly line or a simple deli, your business processes food that thousands of people will consume, and that means hygiene and cleanliness are cardinal qualities. Call on our team here in Daytona when you're ready to work with a company that can give your food processing facility floor coatings a complete upgrade.

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